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Raymond F. Brown Bio

Fire Instructor & Field Certification's 


Sept 26-30,2007  

       NWCG  Fire Instructor 1, Based on IFSTA 

" Fire and Emergency Service  Instructor, 7th ed." and "Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualification (2002,"  Colorado Fire Camp.

March 15, 1996 

     "California State Fire Marshal;s Accredited Course" ( Fire Instructor 1A )

March 15, 1996  

     "Pacific Southwest Region California In Cooperation with the FIRESCOPE Program"

(Instructor 1A) Fire Rescue and Resource Training Program.April 22-26,1996

     "Pacific Southwest Region California In Cooperation with the FIRESCOPE Program"

(Instructor 1B) Cooperative Interagency Fire Rescue and Resource Training Program.

April 26, 1996     

    (Fire Instructor 1B)  California State Fire Marshal's Accredited Course 

December  13,17,1993  

    (Train The Trainer)  Chemical Management/Hazardous Materials Recognition for Field Employees.

Course FP1703-7/11 Phoenix, Arizona Department of the Interior, Bureau Of Land Management.

Raymond Brown's Certificates  Raymond F. Brown Certificates


 Paul Valentine Bio 

     I have been a wildland firefighter since 2009.  I chose to become a fire fighter to help others to protect life property and values in a time of need and crisis.  I believe I work for one of the most honored and respected careers in the world. I have had the opportunity to work with many different people, and have made a-lot of great new friendships.  When I come off the fire line after a long hot day of shedding blood sweet & tears, and I see all the people of the community lined up on along the streets praising & thanking me for helping them save their town, It’s a feeling you couldn't even imagine unless you experience it your self.  I'm very excited and honored to keep learning something new everyday, I love what I do and I'm going to keep climbing the ladder. 

     My friend Ray & I met for the first time in 2011 at the Salt Fire of Salmon Idaho and had the opportunity to fight together.  He had lots of great stories to tell everyday.  He told me he stopped counting the fires when he hit 500.  He has also Smoke jumped over 300 + fires and has been fighting fires nonstop for 45 years.  I learned more and more from him every day.  I found out so much about him I considered him  "A Fire Legend", yet he probably wouldn't ever admit it.  He is the most humble person I know.  Ray & I got to talking about teaching class for our mutual love of the fire world and the brother hood that we are apart of.  He told me he had taught people in the thousands for the USFS which he retired from.  So we both made a decision to start a fire school.  I have personally learned so much from him on the fire line.  I was thrilled to create a company that could offer more jobs and teaching it to many others.  So here we are now teaching and growing everyday.  Thank you for being apart of a growing fire world of knowledge.

 We are Looking forward to get back out there every fire season, We hope to see many new faces join us on the fire line. Maybe we will bump into you pounding out some flames...